About Us

Premium Works is a custom vinyl design business that specializes in creating the most unique large scale wall art, custom T-shirts, car decals as well as advertising, uniforms, safety signage and promotional items. The business was started as a response to what we saw as a lack of options for large scale wall art and custom designs in the marketplace. By injecting our own custom designs into the market, we are ensuing that our personality will live on. We began operations in 2018 in Ontario Canada and have been providing our clients' homes, businesses and lives additional value through our curated designs.


We strive to add value to our clients homes by helping to create spaces that cause conversations through our large scale wall art. Our line of T-shirts give people the ability to express themselves in unique ways through images and text. The car decal line provides individuals a creative outlet to show off their personality while in their second most expensive asset. Our customers are trendy, unique and move a little against the grain, but are unapologetically proud of their style. 


All products are made in house by hand, and never sent to print on demand services. Each design will be unique and different from the last one that was produced. This way our customers can ensure that their purchase is completely unique and unlike anything else in the market.